UI/UX Case-study for a laundry business Mobile App


  1. Tracking the inventory
  2. Visibility to the orders placed
  3. Items misplaced and interchanging with other orders
  4. Unmatched items count
  5. Failing to notify customers about the delay if any
  6. Tracking the delivery vehicle
  7. Prioritizing the orders based on the delivery


Whirllo Customer Dashboard
  1. Ease of placing an order.
  2. Can create recurring orders
  3. Track your order status
  4. Notification for pick and delivery and all status updates of each completed stage.
  5. Easy payment gateway
  6. Ability to write complaints and feedback
  1. Sorting and tagging using RF id.
  2. Tracking orders, delivery vehicle, and all stages (Washing, Drying, and Ironing).
  3. Manage damaged/stained cloth.
  4. Reports and Analytics based on daily, weekly, monthly, and custom dates.
  5. Marking each stage of the process.
  6. Send delay notifications to customers.
  7. Generating gate pass.


User personas
Sitemap/User Journey
Wireframe for customer app
UI design for customer app




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